Sunday, May 14, 2006

Taking the Liberal test

"All the cool kids are doing it." Yeah, I've heard that one before. Anyway, someone came up with this fun "Are you a liberal" quiz, which some of the big opinion bloggers out there are taking. The libertarians are lining up opposed to all but a couple of the questions.
The Mudville Gazette notes that the subjects listed in the quiz and the term "liberal" are a direct result of Rush Limbaugh speaking derisively all those years about the political left. I'll admit that the word, in its most classic form, has been bastardized quite a bit. I've always had a thing about not using it to describe the political left, preferring it to refer to actual libertarians, you know. However, terminology does tend to change in the cultural lexicon over time and words that once meant one thing now mean another. And so now all political persuasions seem to refer to the far left side of the spectrum as "liberals." So what are you going to do?
As for taking the test myself... have you read my blog? Duh!

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