Monday, May 29, 2006

Columbian's re-elect Urube

With all the bad news and all the corrupt and ugly governments in Latin America, it's always nice to hear about a success story. Something for the countries that were fooled into putting leftist dictators into power to notice, that yes it's better for you to put a president in there who believes in free markets and free people.
And, yes, the big stunner is that the country in question is Columbia.
The country just re-elected Alvaro Urube.
For his second term, Uribe, 53, promises to provide health care to all of Colombia'’s 41 million inhabitants, ensure every child receives education and make loans available for the poor to set up businesses. He also plans to cut the rate of taxation on personal and corporate income and reduce a tax on financial transactions.
Unemployment has dropped dramatically. The economy is soaring.
HeÂ’s destroying terrorism, installing free markets, and creating a new nation out of one of the world's worst hellholes on a scale unseen almost anywhere else in the world. The stock market has gone up 500% since he'’s taken office. The debt has been repaid early, the peso is soaring, the jobless rate is tumbling (unemployment is down one third since he took office!), investment both foreign and domestic has gone through the moon and confidence and optimism is returning. The economy grew at 5% last year. Crime has evaporated. The country reported exactly two kidnaps this year.
Now, temper that with the context that Columbia had nowhere to go but up when he took office.
But it's still something to celebrate and encourage in our foreign relations.

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