Monday, May 08, 2006


A.M. Mora y Leon has been discussing the relationship between Venezuela and Bolivia. Now that Evo Morales, the super leftist, has taken power as the President of that poor country, he has decided that any and all of the natural resources are now under state control. Leon doubts that there was direct collusion between Chavez and Morales on this move, as it was thugish and very un-Hugo like. However, he speculates that Morales wants to be just like his buddies, Chavez and Castro.
Meanwhile, later Leon declares that Chavez really wants to rule the world, and notes that Venezuela sent over some auditors from the state run oil company to audit the gas companies that Evo just nationalized. Leon notes that "Boli points out that thereƂ’s something distinctly unsavory about the auditors of ONE country, coming down to audit the books of COMPETITOR! When has that ever happened except in a hostile takeover?"

Meanwhile, Hugo's got his own problems, as running a fascist, but caring, socialist dictatorship eventually means that you run your country down to pencil shavings, crime could be the thing that brings Chavez down. His economics have already driven the country to the point where they aren't producing much any more. Products that are made in Venezuela are hard to procure. Their #1 export, oil, is drying up.

Also, be sure to read Lee Harris' article over at TCS on why leftist socialism doesn't seem to want to lay down and die in these pretty third world places.

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