Monday, May 08, 2006

Musings of a lone blogger

The vast majority of blogs have low readership now, and by that I mean in the dozens. I'’m not trying to demean those blogs; they are obviously important to their authors and readers. But the vast majority of readers, as well as the ad money that blogs will increasingly generate, will continue to revolve around fairly few blogs.
Writes Donald Sensing, who is now writing for Winds of Change, and has given up on his own blog where he has written for years. Which I suppose is my gain, as I read WOC often, but haven't really had the time to read Sensing's own site for a while.
Sensing writes about a subject that I've been hearing a lot about lately. Single writer blogs that have a national or international focus, but want a large readership, are going to find it increasingly difficult to maintain that readership and try to have a life at the same time. If you are not writing constantly, readership falls. But sometimes you just want to take a break. Thus enters the group blog.
Winds has been a group blog for some time, and there are others. But Sensing throwing in the towel is telling that the readership of major blogs is narrowing. What does the future hold for the blogosphere? Will it evolve into something resembling traditional media, with only a few players, and Glenn Reynolds' "Army of Davids" relegated to a much less influential sideline?

Which has gotten me thinking about this site, and what the future is here. I have had visions of being well read, and of improving my writing skills to that end. But I don't think that I can keep up with current events all the time, and write all the time either. Anyone spending more that a few minutes here from time to time is bound to notice that I take significant breaks from writing, several days sometimes. When I get busy, my priorities lie elsewhere.
However I still like that I have a medium that I can write and, in a way, get published. I guess one of the questions I have to ask myself is: do I really need the readership? Should I expect that I'm writing for people, or use this site to just express myself, more like a diary?
The other question I've been asking a lot lately is: what format should I be writing going into the future. I enjoy reading and writing about politics and world events, but for the most part, that stuff exists elsewhere. Heck, everywhere. Am I just adding to the ubiquitousness of political thought, aproverbiall drop in the ocean.
Or do I spend more time writing about local stuff, and talking about places that I've actually been. Taking some pictures along the way, like I've done in the past.

To that end, expect some more photo blogging of Oregon's open areas this summer. My wife and I want to get out more this summer than we have in the past, and since we finally entered the digital photography age by purchasing our first dig camera, we'll be able to share some of that with the rest of the world. Or whoever bumps into this blog.
And yes, I'll still be commenting on other stuff. I just can't keep my mouth shut forever, you know.

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