Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Protest Jimmy

Gateway Pundit rounds up several different protests.  They all have a common target though: Jimmy Carter.

This comes after his “certification” of the election results in Venezuela last year, vindicating Hugo Chavez’s latest presidential bid, despite massive voter intimidation and countless charges of election fraud.

One wonders if the Carter Institute is just following good business practices.  I mean who decides what third party gets used to monitor elections?  Doesn’t the government of the country in question have something to say about that?  So if your target clientele are governments run by fascist or socialist dictators, then your objective is to appeal somehow to those potential clients.  What better way than to certify the re-election of one of their buddies.

Truly, I don’t believe what I’m saying.  The reason that Carter has so much authority, it seems, to be able to get away with giving the thumbs up to corrupt governments is that people of the left persuasion still believe in him.  There’s nothing that I really can point to in order to dispel this thinking.  Jimmy really could be an honest, trust worthy guy, personally.  However, in that case he has the nativity of a 6 year old when it comes to foreign policy and electoral corruption.

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Anonymous said...

do you mean naivité?