Wednesday, November 09, 2005

International riot update

Publius talks about the French riots:

      As we see here at Publius all the time, governments that fail to address a lack of opportunity all too often face the prospect of high degrees of civil unrest. The difference is that the countries we cover here tend to be considered part of the Third World, whereas France is assuredly more modern. But similar conclusions can be drawn. If France continues to fail, its ethnic French population and the politicians that represent them will increasingly become polarized from its unrestive immigrant population, eventually culminating in much worse than what we have seen over the past two weeks.

The argument I've been hearing is that this is a race riot, like the ones in the US in the 60s and early 70s.  However, the US had already taken action to mitigate that by passing the Civil Rights act in the 60s, but France has no solution to this.  Not good.

Also: check out his posts on the results of the elections in Azerbaijan, where opposition claims fraudulent behavior by the government and are protesting.  What a shock.

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