Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Darwinian Fundamentalism 101

I’ve talked about Intelligent Design and it’s relationship to Darwinism before.  A friend passed along this interesting blog that talks about Darwinian Fundamentalism.  The approach is sound, I think.

      I am a macroevolution agnostic. I used to accept evolutionary theory. Then I looked at the evidence. It became clear to me that macroevolutionary theory is built more on a priori philosophical assumptions than on evidence. Microevolution, on the other hand, is supported by the evidence. The distinction between the two is critical and is largely ignored, or not understood, by the mainstream media and general public.

For sure.  Microevolution being small changes in a species that changes the color or texture of their fur, gives them added resistance from disease (see last post) or some other minor adjustment.  Macroevolution being the change over time of one organism, say a fish, into another, like you.

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