Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chickens do tend to come home to roost.

As the Washington Post is going to find out.  With all the fervor about the investigation into the unauthorized release of CIA operative information by the current administration, it is setting a precedent, and the CIA is going after the Post for it’s treatment of information that led to a story on CIA “Secret Prisons.” 

So, because journalists hammered so hard on the Plame leak, which wasn’t much of a leak anyway, they are going to see their ability to report on clandestine activities, whether for good or bad, of government organizations severely limited. 

You see you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  People with a definite partisan bent can’t seem to be consistent these days.  Note that the measure calling for a new redistricting plan in California was voted down.  Democrats in California campaigned vigorously against that measure, knowing that it would hurt their numbers in the state legislature.  Who cares if it is more fair, or would allow the people of California better representation. 

Ironically, the Democrats are all for this type of redistricting plan in places like Ohio, where they are the minority party.

Democrats are trying to link the Governator with Bush, trying to use Bush’s latest bad numbers to drive Arnold down.  It would be unfortunate if that strategy is working, considering how liberal Arnold is in comparison to a President who is much more moderate than the left makes it appear.

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