Monday, November 28, 2005


 When reading blogs during the day, I often read Instapundit first, or only.  Mostly this is because he is the most prolific and general, and will post on a variety of subjects.  I also appreciate the level of detachment he has to the subjects.  Opinionated, but not personal or partisan (although occasionally it slips in.

He usually has a running theme going on.  I found that War efforts and attitudes is a common one, and today is no exception.  (All links are care of Instapundit).

Democrats are finally saying that the best course for the war effort is to gradually withdraw troops as the Iraqi security forces grow and gain experience.  Really?  You mean like Bush has been pushing for the last two years?

Troops in Iraq continually see things differently than we do here in the USA.  Why is that do you think?   Glenn Reynolds thinks it’s a Reverse Vietnam.

Bruce Willis wants to make a pro-war film about Iraq.

And a useful Urban Legends buster about the war.

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