Sunday, March 14, 2004

My thoughts on Spain. It is deeply tragic that so many Spaniards lost their lives this week for the sake of global politics. It appears now that Al-Qaida was involved with the bombing of the trains in Madrid, and you have to wonder about the timing here. The Spanish elections were at hand, and I think terrorists are trying to manipulate the national elections. Spain has been one of our allies in the war on terror, and the invasion of Iraq (that "unilateral" action, remember?), and it would be a victory of sorts for the terrorists to manipulate a countries politics such that it no longer backs the US in it's efforts to eradicate the Islamo-fascist organization that hit the World Trade Center.
This is a great argument for Unilateralism actually, in a world where if we are forced to rely on the UN to make these decisions, a terrorist organization would only have to manipulate the politics of one nation on the security council and that would be the end of it.

Instapundit is on a roll (this is Sunday, March 14, you may have to scroll down or check the archives if you are checking this late. He's got Lots of links.

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