Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Lost in Fixation. I just saw the movie Lost in Translation with Laura last night. I thought it was interesting. The cinematography was fascinating, and the concept was original. It was, however, really boring and pointless. There were funny parts, as Bill Murray will always have that kookiness that makes you laugh, like in the scenes where he is posing for photographers. But overall I sat on the floor, with my back against the couch (my usual movie watching position) wondering if there was going to be any plot twist or climax to the movie. Alas, there wasn't. The back of the box said that the point was that these lost people end up finding themselves, but I never saw it. Bill's character ends up having a quickly one night affair with the lounge singer, but the attitude is, "whoops. That was dumb. But, oh well, moving on now." I've taken week long business trips and spent lots of time in hotels, but these people were so depressing I never could relate. I've seen Murray do much better.
This thing won Oscars?

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