Monday, March 15, 2004

Discovered this little tidbit in World magazine. Interesting look into the new generation of English persons:

A new survey of British teenagers suggests that a strong rebellion is brewing against parents there, with children making a sharp, conscious break with their elders' beliefs. They are, in particular, embracing traditional marriage, drug laws, and patriotism. The Reuters news service reports that Bliss, a popular British teen magazine, polled 5,000 teenagers with an average age of 15. Among the findings:

92 percent hope to get married, and at an average age of 24.

70 percent think marijuana should not be legalized, and 84 percent believe criminal sentencing is too soft.

86 percent expressed pride in being British, with 87 percent opposing the Euro currency and over two-thirds worrying about more European integration.

"This survey is a damning indictment of the damage caused by the lax attitudes of adults inflicted on children," said Bliss editor Helen Johnson. "Young people like tradition and have passionate beliefs about the society they want to live in."

(My emphasis above).

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