Thursday, July 22, 2004

Was it God? Here in Oregon there has been a terrible incident where a woman was kidnapped, raped, choked and left for dead naked in the forest. What I haven't heard in the news stories is how she prayed through the whole ordeal and claims that while semi-unconscious, remembers feeling "hands" pick her up and gently set her down near the road where the truck driver found her. You decide, but those of us with faith have a different picture of this whole incident.

Incidently, I got this off a local blog on religion at the Oregonian's web site. There are several local blogs put on by the Oregonian and are worth looking into for a local view of local events. Perhaps this will replace the Oregonian's Metro section the way that regular blogs and Google have rendered the rest of print media (see post below). Maybe not.
Anyway Jim's site also had this post on how he researched whether or not "most" scholars believed that different individuals and groups experienced meeting Christ after his death. Jim didn't believe that, but after reasearching it found that even most Biblical scholars who didn't accept that Christ rose from the dead accept that many people experienced meeting him afterwards.

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