Thursday, July 01, 2004

French wine on the decline. The posting tells of the decline of French wine on the American market. It's an interesting phenomenon, but the article is lacking. The article reflects that these are the reasons for the decline:
Sales of French wine has been held back by confusion over the type of wine being sold, perceptions that the wine is over-priced, and an inability to distinguish between the hundreds of different brands on the market, said panelists during a seminar at Vinexpo Americas 2004, a wine trade fair being held in Chicago.

Also the article goes on to say that the Euro is performing poorly against the dollar and that is why the wine is being out sold by cheaper brands.
Now, I'll admit that buying French wine is more complicated that buying wine from other regions. I'll agree with this statement from the article:
"For the average consumer, the Appellation d'Origine Controllee doesn't mean a thing," Parker said.
"At the supermarket level, American consumers buy by grape varietals."

It's easier to identify a Pinot Noir from Oregon than a Burgundy red, which is the same thing.
But there are some other reasons the article ignores, perhaps on purpose. One is what Steven den Beste points out
The article doesn't contain any acknowledgement that some of the decline might be due to political backlash by ordinary Americans. It is apparently inconceivable that some American wine-drinkers might be consciously boycotting French wine because of France's foreign policy.

His readers apparently agree with him on that point, but also that while forsaking what they are calling "Surrender Juice" they have discovered something else: that other regions make just as good wine for much better prices.
Frankly I would agree. The burgundy made in France may be more refined they say, but I like the taste of the Pinot Noir here in Oregon much better. I've found that Washington, and for that matter Australia, makes Chardonnay much more to my taste than even California, much less France.
But the French would do well to open their eyes and admit that their politics have been detrimental to their economy. They don't have to give in to the nasty Capitalists pig dogs over here, but they should at least face facts.

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Rocket French said...

It looks like the young generation is not very fond wine. Even the wine consumption is declining in France.