Thursday, July 15, 2004

Channel surfing while under the influence. In case you don't listen to any of the national or local conservative talk shows, here's the story about the guy who's license was revoked "for medical reasons related to substance abuse."
There is a state law in Pennsylvania and 6 other states, including Oregon where I live, that requires doctors to report physical or mental impairments that could prevent safe driving.
Put aside the issue of doctor patient confidentiality just being thrown out the window here, and think about how laws made by concerned legislatures get on the books without much thought to unintended consequences.
You mean all it takes to get someone's license revoked is some doctor calling up the DMV? There's no formal review?
Seems to me that alcohol abuse is bad for the guy, but it's not a permanent, chronic, or even a temporary "condition" of this guy, I'm sure he drives fine when he's not drinking.

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