Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Conservative Pledge? For those of you sickened by the Liberal name calling and refusal to consider that Bush is actually their president here's a thought to consider. Glenn Reynolds links to Dean Esmay who challenges us thusly:

I don't want to hear why you think it won't happen. Indulge me: pretend it might. How many of you will have the patriotism to say, "I disagree with many of his policy directions, I do not think he is conducting our foreign policy in the right way, but I will do my best to get behind him and support him until elections come around next time?"

I'm genuinely curious. For that is the stance I intend to take. I will refuse to call him traitor, loser, liar, incompetent. He will be my President, my Commander In Chief, the Chief Executive of a great nation, elected by the will of a majority of the electors in these 50 great united States. So even if he does things I disagree with in conducting foreign policy, I will say, "I respectfully disagree with the President's directions, but I will do my best to express my dissent respectfully and hope that I am mistaken and that he has made the proper decisions after all."

OK. I can say that. If Kerry happens to beat the odds and wins in November, I promise that I will declare that he would be my Commander in Chief, elected by a majority of the electors. I will refuse to call him a traitor and a loser. I agree with the last sentence in the quoted paragraph above.
I do retain the right to call him a liar and incompetent if I can back it up, though.

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