Tuesday, April 27, 2004

UNScam. It's been called many things (one blogger had a contest to name it. UNRON was one name), but how come it's not getting more press? It is getting a little press, but not what it deserves. The fact is now becoming more and more apparent that the UN Oil for Food (Oil for Mansions) program was wide spread and that, as this article by James Morrow of the Australian points out, "it's a who's who list of high-profile anti-war and anti-sanctions voices, all revealed to be shills for Saddam."

Read the whole article. There's more. Much more.
Perhaps because of all the DIY international lawyering engaged in by the world press corps in the run-up to Iraq's invasion, many journalists are reluctant to admit that the UN they put so much faith in was many times more corrupt than they could imagine the Bush White House being.

Or maybe they just don't want to admit that so many of the anti-war voices they used to support their stories were bought and paid for with money belonging to the long-suffering, if little-mentioned, Iraqi people.

Instapundit has been covering this with gusto. So have other bloggers. Look around.

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