Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Westlund Effect

Latest polls regarding the Oregon Governor’s race next November tell and interesting tale.  Wall Street/Zogby did a poll showing how any of the candidates would do against any of the other candidates in a general election (i.e. places all the Democrat hopefuls against each Republican and sees how they will do). 

The interesting thing is not that any of the Democrats would easily beat any of the Republicans on the docket.  The weird thing is how Ben Westlund influences the race.  Remember, he’s a former Republican turned Independent for this governor race.

But his numbers don’t bring down the Republican numbers, they bring down the Democrat numbers, bringing them into a dead heat with each Republican for all possible scenarios.

I’d sign the petition for this guy to get on the ballot, but some stingy law in Oregon prevents me from doing so unless I re-register as an independent, or else not vote in the May primary AT ALL.  How dumb is that?

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