Saturday, April 01, 2006

Darfur update

Instapundit relates that Sudanese fighters have entered Chad, where the refugee camps are, and are attacking them, while the Darfur rebels are trying to recruit from those camps.
He also links to this site for Darfur happenings.
Just so you know, things are not getting any better. They're getting worse.
I watched a movie that didn't get much fanfare the other night: Tears of the Sun. Bruce Willis stars as this Navy Seal commander who leads sorties into Nigeria during the ethnic uprisings to rescue Foreign nationals. When he finds that the army is killing entire villages of people just because they are not of the ethnic group the general is in, they start killing the soldiers and get directly involved. Most of Willis' troop get killed trying to get 20 or so villagers out into neighboring Cameroon. After the film, in the commentary, Bruce and the film makers express shock that stuff like this goes on and the world doesn't do anything about it.
Welcome to the age of the UN. It doesn't shock me at all. It infuriates me. Millions of people in this world care about this sort of stuff, but politicians, who care more about their status and the balance of power (and in most cases about economics and status quo) always seem to be able to turn the blind eye. It happens more often than you might think.

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