Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Battle of the Classroom

LA Times:

      "Two decades of political and legal maneuvering on evolution has spilled over into public schools, and biology teachers are struggling to respond. Loyal to the accounts they've learned in church, students are taking it upon themselves to wedge creationism into the classroom, sometimes with snide comments but also with sophisticated questions - and a fervent faith."

Joe Katzman:

      I'll add that a teacher who doesn't know and understand science in enough depth to handle this, and can't learn the lessons of persuasion well enough to put it forward in a strong but respectful way... probably needs to find another line of work. When they're replaced by someone who can cope, the subject will become stronger. As it needs to be, these days.

      Think of it as evolution in action.


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carla said...

Or we could just expect teachers to teach science..and save the philosophical fairy tales for Religious Studies.

Ouch? LOL