Monday, April 10, 2006

Life in Hell

Or close to it. This is a closer look into Venezuela, where fear permeates every level of society, from rich to poor. Fear of the cops.
The anger is cutting across class lines, because kidnapping, robbery and murder affect rich and poor alike. This is the first event ever thatÂ’s united rich and poor in Venezuela. The shantytowns of Caracas are some of the most dangerous places on earth. The wealthy and middle class, meanwhile, are regular targets of opportunity for the same thieves and extorters and kidnappers and killers. ItÂ’s mostly cops doing it, the very officials who are supposed to protect the people. The cops, to remind the people that they donÂ’t see protecting them as in their interest, have actually shot into a protesting crowd and killed a photographer, completely validating the crowdÂ’s anger at the police.

With lots of links to other info and testimonies.

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