Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not a car add, really (unless you read the comments)

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted on anything for an entire week, which has got to be a record.  Most of you probably haven’t, as I don’t think all but a handful of people even read this blog with any regularity (self degrading statement requirement, sorry).

And don’t be fooled by the sudden prevalence of comments in my more recent posts.  I seem to be getting comment spam!  Is there nothing lower than spamming one’s blog comments?!?

But just in case you were wondering, I have been out of town at a conference designed to enlighten those in my profession, that of a GIS Analyst, what the heck is being done by other GIS folks in the northwestern US of A. 

Note:  Don’t go to the conference site above unless you enjoy perusing the websites of technical user groups to find out what they do at small out of the way conferences.  I wouldn’t want you falling asleep at your desk.  I would feel responsible for all the bruises from heads hitting the keyboards.

On the way I rented a car to transport me toward the east side of the Cascades, and I have been impressed by the engineering within.  It was Dodge’s newest Charger, muscle car reborn. 

Now, this is not an official review of a car, I am not an engineer (and don’t play one on TV), so I couldn’t tell you about the engine, other than it was a V-6, nor the other components.  But I can tell you that it drove wonderfully.  I haven’t had as comfortable ride since I rented an Infinity (got lucky at Enterprise that time), and the steering and handling rivaled most cars I’ve tried out as well.

The power was not what I would have expected from such a high powered engine (250 hp says the official site), but one thing I’ve seen with American trucks and sedans is that they are heavy, not built with that pansy fiberglass and metal, but solid.  The engine felt powerful, like I could pull a trailer with the thing and not feel it, but it wasn’t really evident off the line.

I had no trouble going up and over the passes on Hwy 26.  Didn’t even feel the up-hills.  The cabin is pretty quiet too.  Gas mileage is comparable to the Nissan Altima we own currently.

All for about $25 grand.  If I wasn’t in a serious way going to get a truck next, and if I was having a mid-life crisis, I would totally consider this car.

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