Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fighting on a different front

The ability of the public in the United States to generate private money for relief efforts appears to have a limit.  It’s a BIG limit, however after two hurricanes decimating our own coasts and the big tsunami last year, we have been running rather thin. 

Some might have said the same about our troop effort in disaster relief, but I think that Bush understands what good PR lots of aid can bring in that part of the world.  So…

      Some 1,400 people died in Indian Kashmir because of the recent quakes, and over 140,000 were made homeless. Across the border in Pakistani Kashmir, over 50,000 died, over 70,000 were seriously injured and over three million are homeless. The American relief effort has involved thousands of troops, several dozen helicopters and navy ships carrying relief aid and military equipment for rescue and reconstruction work.

Al Qaeda noticed, and issued a press tape urging Muslims to rush aid to earthquake victims, otherwise all the rescue effort will be seen as dominated by infidels.

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