Thursday, October 27, 2005

I take offense

Michael Totten is wondering why we condescend to minorities about things that we “think” will offend them.  He notes that a teacher in Britain are banning books with stories about pigs from their classrooms.  This is while he is living in Lebanon, and reports that there is pork EVERYWHERE!  At the local Muslim-run supermarket, in restaurants, on pizza.

This is just one example, and a small one, but indicative of the way that portions of our society have their heads up their butts about offending sensitive minority feelings. 

Oppressing minorities, or denying them access to things because of their status, is something that we must guard against in this country.  Offending them is something that we have to live with, because trying to control the things that offend them offends the rights of offenders.

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Su said...

Far better to develop a society in which minorities can freely speak up for themselves. I mean, isn't it just as condescending to do battle on their behalf?