Monday, October 31, 2005

Confusing Economy

The economy seems to be confusing economists lately.

      Here are five recent examples of how tough it is getting to correctly forecast economic activity in a global marketplace: the GDP exceeded expectations; consumer confidence fell instead of rising; housing starts rose instead of falling, orders for durable goods took a larger than expected drop, and retails sales grew at a slower than expected rate

Not surprised, with all the catastrophes that have been happening.  However, the economy has been doing better than the pessimists have been predicting for the last 5 years.

One other thing they mentioned as a factor was “surging gasoline prices”  and “worries about the job market.”  Funny how those things are all about perception due to what the press is saying or not saying.  The job market isn’t nearly as bad as people think it is, and has anyone noticed that gas prices, far from surging lately, have actually dropped 20-30 cents a gallon in the last month?  No?  It’s just me?

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Anonymous said...

To what end is press trying to mold public perception?