Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Newsweek Redeemed?

I’ve always thought Newsweek a rag not quite worthy of even bathroom reading.  The tabloid always seemed to me to be too superficial in it’s reporting, and indeed recently came under fire for it’s shoddy and partisan reporting regarding Gitmo.

So it’s with some surprise and interest that the rag mag is getting some positive reviews for its coverage of recent events by some bloggers.

      NBC news in general and Newsweek has really outdone itself among all of the major US press outlets as far as its recent coverage (which I define as mid-spring, summer of this year) on the al-Qaeda infrastructure in Europe, the London bombings, and related subjects.

      While the publication itself seems to have "moved on" as far as what it's deciding to publicize, a series of web exclusive articles by the reporters who seem to be serving as their European, terrorism, and investigative correspondents is doing what I have to say is an extremely impressive job at covering the story.

I’ve also heard that they are even providing links to other articles, blogs talking about the same subjects and track-backs on their own stories on the Newsweek website.

Which puts them ahead of pretty much every news outlet in the country.
I might just change my mind about the Rag.

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