Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Era of terror over for Irish

The IRA has long been considered a terrorists sponsoring organization.  It’s interesting that they’ve finally made a decision to dump their weapons and adjust to being a politics only movement.

The article points out that the change seems to have happened as a result of 9/11.  Seems that the US and UK, who always seemed to concede something to the IRA as a result of Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein throwing a fit and threatening violence every now and again, finally said enough is enough.  Terrorism is terrorism, and we aren’t tolerating it any more.

    In the past such veiled threats have produced concessions. This time they met brick walls in Dublin, London and Washington. The three governments insisted that nothing was on offer unless the IRA ceased to exist as a terrorist organization and disposed of all of its weapons.

In other words:  Bring it on.

So lets see.  For those of you who are keeping track, since the invasion of Iraq we have had elections in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran (although the results are in dispute), Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Palestine.

Syria was thrown out of Lebanon.
Students and others are revolting in Iran.  Imams are coming out against Militant Islamism in America, and in southeast Asia (notably Indonesia).

Political reforms for women have proceeded in Kuwait and Bahrain.
And now the IRA are hanging up their rifles.

Anyone out there still not believe there’s something to the Bush doctrine?

Hat tip to the Armed Liberal.

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