Monday, August 01, 2005

China and Zimbabwe

And speaking of keeping your eye on the ball, the Situation is not getting any better in Zimbabwe.  The genocide continues, as spelled out in this letter posted on Gateway Pundit today. 

Just to illustrate, if I could, how irrelevant and useless the UN has become, until such time as MAJOR reform has turned the institution into something beneficial to the world again, answer me this:

What’s the connection between the situation in Darfur, Sudan, and the one in Zimbabwe?
Answer:  The Chinese
The Chinese have extensive dealings in Sudan, with mineral and oil interests in the Darfur region!  Wonder who’s side they’re on in that catastrophe.

But they also have dealings with Zimbabwe, and have promised to veto any significant action by the Security Council against Zimbabwe.  An agreement was torn up, thank goodness, that would have increased the stakes in Chinese interest in the country’s natural resources to the tune of a billion dollars.

So why is there no rule in place to censure China from the Security Council for basically selling their influence for economic gain?

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