Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What to call it.

If it's not genocide, then what would you call it? Protein Wisdom has some suggestions:
"9 names the UN would PREFER we give to the "not genocide" in Darfur"
  1. "Refugee Bingo"
  2. "The Sudenese government presents, Darfur on Ice!"
  3. "Just a few silly Arab militia men sowing their oats"
  4. "David Blaine’s The Incredible Disappearing Civilians of Displeasing Ethnicity"
  5. "People Pruning"
  6. "Mulching the Desert"
  7. "No Chocolate Wednesdays"
  8. "That little African misunderstanding"
  9. “‘Extreme Makeover’: The Dark Continent edition"
Oh my.

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