Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's not Israel, Kofi

Just to showcase that the UN really still doesn’t get what’s going on in the middle east, brother Kofi took a little trip to Israel and Palestine and made comments to the effect that

      "I have been urging for the immediate lifting of the blockade on Lebanon. It is important - not only because of the effect it is having on the country, but it is also important to strengthen the democratic government of Lebanon," said Annan.

Sure lifting the blockade would be good for the peoples of Palestine and Lebanon, but what would the end result be for Israel when Hamas and Hezbollah have unfettered access to Israel again.

What would you do if you were Israel?  Unfortunately, Annan is treating this in the same old “Israel is the problem” manner, and therefore is helping no one.

Israelis have a saying.  "If the Palestinians and Hezbollah put down their arms, there would be peace.  If Israel put down it's arms there would be no Israelis left."

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