Thursday, August 17, 2006

Columbia Wilderness

Oregon’s own, yes that’s right, Mark Hatfield Wilderness.  Ok, originally this was referred to as the Columbia Wilderness, but later was renamed after our esteemed Senator for 3 decades, Mark O. Hatfield.  Being that he was a Republican, this has a tendency to get under the skin of environmentally conscious liberals, and so if you travel there and decide to hike in a bit on the Eagle Creek trail, you will see that the signs have changed to say “Hatfield Wilderness.”  You will also see that the word “Hatfield” has been scratched out to almost unreadable dimensions. 

Never the less, it’s where I wanted to hike last week.  My wife and I have been planning a vigorous hiking trip with her brother for some time, and I though this would be a good one.  However, it was more brutal than I could have thought.  I’ll try and update this later with more description of our journey, as well as some pictures.  In the mean time, try this link to my Kodak pictures.  Who knows, it might work.

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