Friday, July 14, 2006

War in Lebanon

Breaking news:  Israel is planning an invasion of southern Lebanon.  You might think that this is the 80s and 90s all over again, but it’s not.

Basically what happened is Israel is getting fed up.  Hezbollah kidnapped one of their officers and launched some missiles, not just into Israel but into Haifa, which is a major town.  Here’s an explanation of Israeli nerves right now.

Israel apparently has dropped thousands of leaflets around Lebanon saying that anyone not affiliated with Hezbollah better get under cover, because they’re coming in.  Lebanon is freaked out, but not at Israel.  They are pissed at Hezbollah for causing Israel to do this, which is the correct attitude I think.  Lebanon hasn’t cleaned up the Hezbollah areas and demanded that they give up all their weapons because they are afraid of them.  The Hezbollah army is actually more dangerous than the Lebanese army.

Israel insists that they aren’t going to stop until Hezbollah is neutralized and they get their man back.  I don't think that the rest of the Lebanese are going to try and stop them either.

Of all the news medias out there, I would keep my eye on this one.  Pajamas media is on top of it, pulling together news reports and blogger reactions to events.  Most notably they are looking for Lebanese and Israeli blog reactions.

To get caught up read these three posts.

The United Nations Security Council is going to hold an immediate session to discuss the crisis.  However, I doubt that anything meaningful is going to happen considering the resolution that was vetoed by the US earlier this week.

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