Monday, July 10, 2006

Oregon November Ballot

Just got a notification from my state senator listing the ballot measure that he thinks we are going to see in November’s election this year.  Thusly:

      -Parental notification on abortions
      -Restrictions on government use of eminent domain
      -limits on campaign contributions
      -Ban on the use of credit scores in calculating insurance rates
      -Stronger nursing requirements for nursing homes
      -Term limits for legislators
      -Colorado style spending limits
      -Expanded personal tax deductions
      -Expanded state prescription program
      -Election of judges by district
      -Open primaries

These are just the state measures.  I’m also expecting to see something about a county or regional tax to replace the Multnomah County tax we’ve been saddled with for the last 3 years.   Remember, that was a temporary tax.

I see some measures that I’m likely to support, some that I’m sure I won’t, and a few that I’ll definitely need more information on.  Let the mayhem begin!

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