Monday, July 31, 2006

Please. Invade us!

Hezbollah has taken, lately, to voicing plans to kill certain members of the Lebanese leadership once Israel stops attacking them.
And even when the battle with the Israelis is over, he adds menacingly, Hezbollah will have other battles to fight. "The real battle is after the end of this war. We will have to settle score with the Lebanese politicians. We also have the best security and intelligence apparatus in this country, and we can reach any of those people who are speaking against us now. Let's finish with the Israelis and then we will settle scores later."
Kind of makes you hope that Israel finishes Hezbollah off, like they say they want to do. I don't know about you, but if you were Lebanese here, wouldn't you be, like, hoping for a western-style invasion right about now?
The terms "invasion" and "occupy" have kind of a bad reputation, especially lately when directed at the U.S. However, I'm sure that having U.S. troops controlling vast parts of Lebanon would be a welcome sight compared to what they usually get, or what they're having to cope with right now.
But the only way it'll happen is if the Lebanese government practically begs us to. And even then I'm sure someone will make a stink about our next "invasion." Condi Rice recently went to Lebanon and gave lip service to some sort of international force to help out, but Walid Jumblatt, the Druze leader (who has already been threatened by Hezbollah) notes that unless you have a Kosovo style occupation and the Syrian border is completely closed, you aren't even coming close.
"If Israel comes out victorious from this conflict, this will be a victory for the Sunnis and they will take the Shia community back in history dozens of years to the time when we were only allowed to work as garbage collectors in this country. The Shia will all die before letting this happen again."
Better dead than Smeg. I suppose that if the Shias are victorious and gain firm control of Lebanon they'll force the Sunnis and Druze to be their garbage collectors? You think, maybe, that if the Shias in that region weren't so homicidal maybe they would be accepted more easily into Society and upwardly mobile. You dig your own graves in this world sometimes.

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