Monday, March 13, 2006

Time to myself and family

I just got back from a wonderful weekend filled with skiing and a short trip to the beach with my son. A sort of father/son sort of weekend. We need that bonding every once and a while, and lately I had wondered how close he felt our relationship was. Since he is 10, my wife and I thought that I should take some time with him and talk about the next phase of his life, which is going to contain many physical and emotional changes. The venerable, and often controversial Dr. Dobson often says that it’s better to prepare than repair. And so the preparation begins.

Blogging might be light, as it’s March Madness, and I'll be following Gonzage like a Bulldog. I’ll be reading up and watching the mayhem and filling out my bracket.

I'm just a kid at heart myself, you know.

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