Monday, March 06, 2006

More press distortion

Since we’re on the subject (I was complaining about the recent media resurrection of the Katrina issue), here’s an interesting look at how the media is “fixing” information coming out of Iraq to support their exaggerated claims about the faux civil war they seemed to want so badly to cover.  The reporting is in regards to a press conference by General George Casey, commander of Multinational Forces in Iraq.

      The media is free to dispute the General's claims - that's expected of them. But in this case they aren't, they are simply using his words selectively in a manner that supports their own previously published fictions.

I read the news stories this morning, and frankly found them strange.  They way they were worded and the way they were reporting what the General said sounded very contrary to how military leaders have communicated with the public throughout the entire war and occupation.  I should have known it was media distortion.

Hat tip to Instapundit, who has much more on the subject.

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