Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Civil war in Iraq?

I’ve been seeing these stories in the paper for the past few days.  It’s not that I disagree with the information presented here, I suppose as much as the way it’s presented and the information that is not included.

In every one of the articles I have read in the AP, NY Times service and Knight-Ridder, the journalists make the situation sound on the edge of insanity.  Civil war might break out any minute!  There’s nothing but chaos in Iraq.  All Sunnis hate all the Shiites and civil war is inevitable!

Oh perverse and detestable media, how long shall we be forced to live among thee.
Iraq the Model lists the actual figures of casualties that the press got wrong, and describes on Monday how life is getting along and that people aren’t really fooled about who destroyed the mosques in the first place.  Most normal people in Iraq do not want a civil war and are wary of people who do.

Ralph Peters reports in the NY Post that the bombers will keep bombing, but life goes on.

      It's more like a city suffering a minor, but deadly epidemic. As in an epidemic, no one knows who will be stricken. Rich or poor, soldier or civilian, Iraqi or foreigner. But life goes on. No one's fleeing the Black Death — or the plague of terror.

And there’s no civil war he reports while walking through the streets of Bagdad.
Max Boot reports that things were pretty hectic, but that the Iraqi police had things under control for the most part, and generally things didn’t turn violent.

One thing important that the press didn’t cover AT ALL was the numerous protests around Iraq.  They’re not what you think.

Then there’s the stories today about the President’s continuingly collapsing approval numbers and the poll of Military personnel by Zogby that reported that a large majority now think we should get out of Iraq by the end of the year.  As Gateway pundit details, these polls are suspect AT BEST, and considering the polling demographics of the Presidential approval poll, not very representative of the population at all.

If we didn’t have blogs, none of this would be revealed to the American Public.  Really.  Have you seen any of this in the paper?  Or the networks?  Cable?

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