Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oregon State politics

Roguepundit noted that Oregon partisans have learned to work together.
If it means helping the to keep them in power.

      Partisan politicians who run as independents will need to get nominating signatures from nonaffiliated voters or those who don't vote in the primary, said John Lindback, the director of the state Elections Division.

      Which is trying to prevent another Ralph Nader situation where Democrats accused Republicans of signing petitions to get him on the ballot just in order to suck liberal votes away from the Democrats.

However, I think that this will only hurt the democratic process in the long run.  Nice job, Oregon representatives.
Oh, yeah, and another thing: while government officials are complaining about large corporations not funding their pensions or stealing money from them, do you think they could clean up their own act and learn how to fund their own?  (That one also brought to you from Rogue)

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