Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas trees and Holiday Wreaths

OK, so there’s some discussion going on about how anti-Christmas activists are trying to eradicate the word “Christmas” from everything and replace it with “Holiday” or something equally as bland.  Note Fox has been calling this the “War on Christmas.”  And the left is just reminding us that the Constitution says that the government isn’t supposed to promote any particular religion, even if all that doesn’t apply as Christmas appeals to all the Christian denominations.  Heck, Christmas has become so secular that atheists too can worship at the alter of Santa Clause and decorate their houses for the fun and tradition of it all, without ever mentioning what it was originally supposed to mean.

However for me, it wouldn’t bother me one iota if the secular world gave up on the holiday all together.  Then the Christians could take it back as their own and recall what it is we are supposed to be celebrating.

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