Friday, October 15, 2004

The Voter's Pamphlet
The pamphlets are out in Oregon now for the ballot measures. I assume the candidate pamphlet will come out later. I have been taking a look at some of the measures, and intend to hit measure 35 later today or tomorrow, but everyone should at least breeze through the pamphlet too. The full text of the measure is there, and also the for and against statements. Those statements don't hold much new information for me, as I try to be informed before the pamphlets ever arrive, but who is for and against each measure can be very revealing. I noted that googling each measure or reading the Oregonian's editorial page isn't as revealing as reading the voter's pamphlet.
Just look at who is against measure 33, the Libertarian party and the authors of the original OMMA measure in 1998, gives you a whole new perspective.
Measure 34 is the same way. The litany of people and organizations against that bill is astounding. It includes the Governor, which I did not realize.

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