Thursday, October 14, 2004

Been Crazy
My appologies to all for not blogging for the last week. I have been really crazy busy. As of last Wed. and Thurs. I was rushing to finish my bathroom at home. Late Thursday night (Friday morning, actually) I did a bone-head thing and drove my utility knife into my forearm. Five stitches and 2 hours later I knew my bathroom would not get finished before my sisters arrived, so I at least got the water closet (toilet) and sink in.
I got to spend some quality time with the siblings, which doesn't happen often as they live in New Mexico and New York, so my attention to worldly events suffered.

On the upside, I noticed that RoguePundit has me on the bloglist!!!!!
I am honored, and a bit nervous now as folks other than close friends might actually be reading this blog. Coupled with a new sense of responsability, I will make a more purposeful effort to blog on those subjects that I originally started this blog to do.
That doesn't mean that I will stop talking politics. As of today or tomorrow I will pick back up my journey into the Oregon Measures.

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