Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Regional Reports
I know I haven't written a "Country of the Week" for a while now. I've been listening to the political retoric of the election and spending lots of my free time working on my bathroom at home. I also haven't been linking to Winds Of Change. Here are their recent regional reports.
In Africa, Mugabe is not allowing aid into Zimbabwe and sending his people into a downward spiral, solidifying him on the list of worst world dictators. And more...
Joel Gaines' Iraq Report as all the news you hear about in the media, and much more. He spends time in reports of reconstruction, local happenings and international help. There's so much more going on than you will get from listening to your nightly news.
Cicero has an interesting post on Iran. Yes they are going to develop the bomb. Yes they are funding insurgency in Iraq. Bush has proven he won't sit still for this kind of thing once. Will he do it again? Both he and Kerry haven't spent the time necessary debating this.
Joe Katzman thinks that Kerry sounds like Owen Wilson in "Shanghai Knights."

Update: Here's their Asian subcontinent roundup and their Israeli "roadmap" roundup.

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