Thursday, September 23, 2004

Local Boy.
I'm stopping for a while to pay attention to some of the local issues here in Oregon. We have a mayoral race here in Portland and several ballot measures to pay attention to. I figure that the Dan Rather - Forged document issue, the election and debates, and terrorism are getting good treatment from other bloggers, so I'll ask all those of you who want info on that to check out Instapundit or Winds of Change for thier almost constant blogging of issues that I usually make note of.
Ballot measures can either be real easy or real hard. Some are moral or constitutional issues that are obvious to the voter (although not all voters feel the same, like measure 36 this year).

Here are the measures up for grabs in November:
Measure 31. Constitutional amendment. Permits postponing of election when nominee for that office dies.
Measure 32. Constitutional amendment. Deletes a provision regarding mobile homes dealing with taxes and fees on motor vehicles.
Measure 33. Amendment to Medical Marijuana act. Raises possession limit. Requires regulated dispensaries for distribution.
Measure 34. Requires balancing Timber production. Specific to two forests.
Measure 35. Limits non-economic damages for patient injuries caused by medical negligence or recklessness.
Measure 36. Constitutional Amendment. Defines marriage as one woman/one man.
Measure 37. Government must pay landowners when restrictions reduce land value.
Measure 38. Abolishes SAIF and requires the state to re-insure with some other mechanism or private insurer.

I'll start tackling these as soon as I can, because I want to be as informed as I can regarding these.

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