Thursday, September 02, 2004

Kerry's Record.
Not his war record, his voting record. Hey, I like what the Republicans are doing here at the convention. They aren't going after Kerry's war record. Partially because it is already getting scrutiny outside the party, but also because it really shouldn't matter. What should matter is what Kerry has been doing for the last 20 years in the Senate and what he has said for the last couple of years regarding current issues. So instead of slamming Kerry for his war record, which is what the Dems want him to do, they are critisizing his (gasp!) actual political credentials as a senator.
You mean they are actually talking issues? Yes, that's right. Issues, not name calling.
To be fair, they Dems did a fair amout talking about issues, but spent most of the time saying that they would be better than Bush, without really saying how. And they really pushed the fact that Kerry was in the war and won lots of medals, and his main qualification, without really discussing his record over the past two decades much.

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