Monday, September 20, 2004

Argument for Kerry
I have to say that this is probably the best argument that could be made for Kerry as a war hawk. If anyone could do it, it's Mike Totten.
First of all, the anti-war movement is more anti-Bush than it is anti-war. Don't believe it? Ask yourself how many protesters would have filled the streets if Hillary Clinton led the charge against Saddam Hussein.
Michael argues that the Democrats really wouldn't shut down the war, that it's consistant with their liberal philosophy, freeing nations and promoding democracy. But it's all a Hate Bush thing right now and they will eventually embrace it and be able to reunite the nation for the cause.
The urgent need to shunt the UN aside was obvious when Bill Clinton was president. It will be obvious once again when the UN tries to hamstring John Kerry.
He endsd by saying that convincing Kerry that proactive measure must be taken once he is in the hot seat and once he has access to the same intelligence that Bush has that he will be more hawkish and he could be convinced that pre-emption is necessary.
Sounds pretty thin though.

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