Friday, June 01, 2007

Sporting news

Some events just passed us by that I didn’t get to watch, but I’m not so caught up in the things of the world that I think it’s monumentally important that I did.  But it would have been fun either way.

The national spelling bee is over, and Evan O’Dorney is the winner.  The winning word was “serrefine” which describes small forceps. 

Notably, my spell checker didn’t like the word.

Also, I enjoy a good performance in any sport, basketball included, so I’m a little disappointed to have missed the show by LeBron James last night.  From the articles by all the talking heads over at ESPN I missed something special, and from the description of the game, I would have to say I agree.  If you are into basketball at all and wonder how a 22 year old can be compared with (not “has the potential” but actual comparisons) to the best games of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson’s careers, check out the link.

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