Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Darfur. Again.

There’s still nothing being done about the genocide in Darfur.

      By now, these sadists and their powerful patrons must have figured out the obvious: that no one is going to stop them. Nearly six months have passed since the United Nations authorized the deployment of peacekeepers to end the genocide. But Khartoum continues to wrangle and bluster over the terms of that deployment, and it still seems unlikely that a U.N. force large enough to stop the killing will ever arrive in western Sudan. Meanwhile, many, including the U.N.'s new secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, hold out hope for a negotiated settlement between Darfur's rebel groups and Khartoum. But, so far, the rebel factions haven't even been able to unite, let alone bargain effectively with the government. And, besides, Khartoum--which wants to prolong the genocide it designed and orchestrated--is hardly in a rush to cement a genuine peace accord.

I often wonder if there was something that you or I can do, but apart from write your Senator or Rep, or the President himself, I think this is about all I can do.  We need to take action, realizing that the UN will never do anything to stop this.  We all did say something like “never again” regarding genocide, didn’t we?

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