Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cuba: power void coming

Cuba: the power void.  I.E. what happens when (and just before) Castro leaves this mortal coil at last?
Here’s a story about a couple of military conscripts who killed a senior officer.  The conscripts were trying to help an inmate of the prison they were assigned to escape.

Publius has some thoughts on this.  Notably:

      A power void is being sensed. Obviously, Castro’s demise is creating less and less sense of direction, and people in leadership positions don’t know what to do, because they don’t know whether Castro will get well or not. If they make decisions on their own, and then Castro gets well, they could get into trouble if Castro doesn’t like those decisions. Therefore, they have every incentive toward inaction until they are sure the Havana Vampire is dead for good.

Which immediately shows the inefficiencies and flaws in a system where one man has such a tight grip on the reigns of power.

Speaking of tight grips on power, more action from Hurricane Hugo.  Shutting down a Venezuela’s oldest television station and then declaring himself dictator.

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