Friday, September 22, 2006

Madonna on the cross

OK, NBC has reluctantly agreed not to show a scene in a November special where Madonna, the singer, hangs on a cross with a fake crown of thorns, mocking the crucifixion.  Or perhaps that’s what she’s doing, I don’t know.  The article says that she considered it the highlight of her show (and I don’t doubt that).

NBC did this under pressure from the American Family Association and other members of the Christian community.  This is an interesting event, considering we are observing how touchy the Muslim community has been lately to any form of public criticism.  Our reaction has been to tell them to lighten up, I mean look at all the crap the Christian community has to put up with.  But many in the Christian faith can be just as touchy.

Ok, ok.  Yes, Christians tend not to riot and threaten to kill people (and in some cases actually do so) when offended.  There is a difference.  But in a free country, using political pressure, or social pressure, to stop certain public expression (I hesitate to call television “speech”) is a tricky ballgame, and there’s a fine line somewhere between trying to protect people from hatred, and tyranny.


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