Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Somalia Taliban

Just in case no one was looking… You know this soccer business.
You all probably remember the country of Somalia.  Warlords.  American intervention.  Disaster, embarrassment. Black Hawk Down.  Stuff like that.  Well, someone seems to have cleaned up that situation.  Only…

      Islamists committed to implementing shari'a law in Somalia claim to have defeated warlords in Mogadishu after months of fighting in a country wracked by anarchy since 1991.

Oops.  Might have been better if, in full Bush style, we had not chickened out and left so quickly.  Or maybe it wouldn’t have.  Hard to say with warlords.  Funny thing was that they finally found common cause and banded together, but only because the Islamists were getting as powerful as they were.

Too late, though.

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